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Trifles!                   [ Murder! ]
Trifles'the hanging bed'
'the hanging bed'
Quick Time
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Real Amercan Cowboy     [Cowboys]

A Remmington Cowboy
American Cowboy
Quick Time
Low  2,319KB High 11,368KB

Salem Witch Trials   [Witches ]

Quick Time
Low  2,317KB High  11,221KB

Railroads, Robbers & Rebels    [ Trains ]

Steam train still running
Steam train still running
Quick Time
Low  1,188KB High  5,725KB

The Crocodiles Revenge   [Crocodiles eating people]
Crocodile's Revenge, Endangered and Dangerous Salt Water Crocodiles
Crocodile's Revenge
Endangered and Dangerous Crocodiles
Quick Time
Low  1,795KB High  8,635KB

Scrooge Prepares for Winter (Commercial)

"Scrooge Campaign" (Commercial)
Quick Time Low  3,176KB High 6,093KB

Scrooge Warms the Cratchits (Commercial)

"Scrooge Campaign" (Commercial)
Quick Time
Low  4,247KB High 7,748KB

Scrooge Plays Old Time Baseball (Commercial)

"Scrooge Campaign" (Commercial)
Quick Time
Low  8,597KB High 22,070KB

Scrooge in the Good Old Summertime (Commercial)

"ScroogeCampaign" (Commercial)
Quick Time
Low  8,643KB High 22,087KB

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