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Trifles. Why did a fragile church-going farmer's wife kill her strapping husband? Even more mysterious how did she do it? A turn of the twentieth century psychological thriller Trifles stars Tony and Obie award winning actors, Marian Seldes, Maryann Plunkett and Mia Dillon

Trifles, 'the hanging bed'
'the hanging bed'



A Scrooge Campaign
'Nolan Propane'


A Scrooge Campaign presents four seasonal commercial Spots featuring Dicken's historic character Scrooge who while preserving his reputation for pinching pennies shows us a very funny warmer side as he gallops through various adventures. Nolan Propane is the client behind Scrooge's appeal to audiences tired of the predictable TV commercial sell. Producer, Director, Writer


The Crocodile's Revenge, a one-hour Special about the lives and deaths of four people killed by Australia's salt water crocodiles. One of the highest rated reality programs ever telecast on  ABC. Producer, Director and Writer.
ABC/Kane Productions.

Crocodile's Revenge, Endangered and Dangerous Salt Water Crocodiles
Crocodile's Revenge. Endangered and Dangerous Salt Water Crocodiles









The Real American Cowboy












American Pirate
American Pirate

Rediscovering America -  An eleven part series of one-hours for The Discovery Channel. Hosted by Roger Kennedy and David Hartman. Producer, Director, all episodes except Mission.

Railroads, Robbers and Rebels  - Smithsonian Institution said: “…the best social history of US railroads yet. Includes evocative CGI cartoon animation

The Real American Cowboy  -   cowboy origins, the cowboy myth and the rise of the Cattle Kingdom.

Mr. Jefferson Becomes an American  –  understanding Jefferson's conflicted thinking on slavery and personal freedom.

Indians Among Us -  surviving  Indian cultures of the South-East, South-West,  Far West and how Indians view American history.
Cine Golden Eagle.

Mission  - the story of catholic  missions to the South-West and California and the person of  Fr. Junipero Serra.

Rediscovering Columbus - the prehistoric culture of the "mound-builder"  peoples and their effect on Thomas Jefferson and architect Louis Sullivan. Includes architectural CGI sequences.

The Frontier exploring the meaning of "The Frontier" - the idea versus the reality.

Pirates! - visiting the sites, ships and lives of the Buccaneers, pirates of New Providence and the Indian Ocean

Buffalo Soldiers - the tragic story of America's first black cavalry units and their campaigns against Apaches and other Indians.

Champions of the Land - a history of American Conservation.

Salem Witch Trials - the notorious teenage informants and their victims in historys last and best known witch trials.
Cine Golden Eagle






Railroads, Robbers and Rebels


It's Branson!
A two-hour Special about the country music  phenomenon of Branson,
Missouri. Producer, Director
Reader's Digest Home Entertainment.

An Old Fashioned Christmas - a two-hour music Special. Producer, Director, Writer Reader's Digest Home Entertainment.

The Anatomy of Pop.  A  one-hour special about the origins of American popular music from the Deep South to the Ozark Mountains to the Clubs of the big cities.
Co-Director. ABC Television.


It's Branson
It's Branson!

The Africans, a three part hour series on the people and politics of emerging Africa with host Lou Gossett, Jr.  Executive Producer. Time-Life Television / PBS

Faces Of Japan, a thirteen part half-hour series hosted  by Dick Cavett including the career of a pop-record star, the life of a small business man, the life of a teacher, his students and their school. Co-Executive Producer.  PBS
South African Woman
South African woman

Cape York,  a half-hour portrait of Australia's last tropical frontier, a world of gold miners, aboriginal trackers, road-train drivers, bush pilots, painters, and archaeologists. Producer, Director and Writer. National Geographic Explorer

The Interracial Marriage the first television program ever broadcast on this subject.
Producer, Director, Writer. WCBS-TV

The Gathering Millions, the population problem of Brazil explored through the lives of its poor in their decades long cycle of migration that carries families in a wide circle from the NorthEast of Brazil South and then North again through mines, cities and plantations in their effort to find work and permanent homes in a society perennially  plagued by underemployment and poverty.  Producer, Director, Writer PBS


Endangered Temperate Rainforest, Olympic Peninsula
Endangered Temperate Rainforest.
Olympic Peninsula

Conserving America, EMMY award winner, a four part hour-series hosted by  Burgess Meredith dealing with conservation of wetlands, rivers, shorelines and wildlife. Conceived the series and Produced, Directed and Wrote the first two hours, Wetlands and Rivers – PBS


The Third Wave, a ninety minute special on futurist Alvin Toffler's book of the same name. Executive Producer. PBS



The Phantom Wolf, The Phantom Wolf is as old as time. Ever since man began to hunt he has followed the wolf, the consummate thinking predator. Men hunted in bands like the wolf and soon he began to imagine his own wolf like nature.

Shape shifting allowed men to assume different forms to perform prodigies of magic or assume god like powers. Men became were-creatures - tigers, bears - but the most powerful, and to others, the most sinister, was the werewolf.

In this hour, you will witness the evolution of the wolf in man's imagination, how he conceived of his wolfish nature 10,000 or more years ago, how the Vikings made the wolf the great ravening beast that consumed the world, so called beserkers who took on the fury of the wolf raiding and killing with inhuman appetites. Within the old religion of witchcraft the wolf man took on the form we know best, the werewolf, the lycanthrope who cast a spell that transformed him into fearsome, savage hunter of the night.

Society feared the werewolf, even among its most powerful and in their fear conducted great witch and wolf hunts to scour out the threat. The inquisition burned countless thousands of witches and werewolves. Our story traces these fearful phenomena and how they arose, a timeless story that is still with us as men struggle to expunge the dark sides of their nature.

Trifles, 'The Phantom Wolf'
The Phantom Wolf
Let Us Now Praise Famous Men - Walker Evans
Let Us Now Praise
Famous Men

Let Us Now Praise Famous Men, based on James Agee's classic story of Depression era poverty features  the famous still photographs of Walker Evans.
Producer, Director, Writer, CBS.

Emmy Nomination.

Keep your distance!
Keep your distance!


Wild, Wild World of Animals, a 125 part five year long  nationally syndicated weekly half-hour series with host William Conrad. Executive Producer. Time-Life Television.  Considered a Television classic.

Wilderness Alive, a three part hour series of wildlife specials. Executive Producer. Time-Life Television / ABC


KV-5. Treatment for a film on the Theban tomb of Rameses the Great's sons. NOVA

kv05 Atlas
KV5. Excavated parts of tomb

Soldier Silhouette

Mayday! The story of air rescue in Vietnam. Producer, Director,  Writer.  ABC NEWS


Mission  Possible! - the story of a surgical mission to a remote part of Kenya and the life saving  work it performs under field conditions. Writer, Executive Producer.



Rediscovering America received Two Cine Golden Eagles

A NY Film/Television Festival Special award for "Best Direction"

A NY Film/Television Festival Gold Medal.

Conserving America received an Emmy

Let Us Now Praise Famous Men  received an Emmy Nomination.

A complete list of all personal and company credits is available by email.

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